When you engage with BAGNODESIGN, you aren’t just buying a set of products; you’re gaining access to the bathroom of your dreams. Where most of our competitors display a range of products to choose from put on display in their showrooms, we carry out a more conceptual approach where we sell more of a lifestyle rather than a couple of his and her wash basins.

The brand may be named BAGNODESIGN London, but we pride ourselves on how active we are in the Glasgow community. Since our doors opened in January of this year, we have tied in with some beautifully bespoke local businesses that help add dynamic dimension to our showroom. Our showroom is wall to wall with Farrow & Ball, our luxury bath and body products are Scottish Fine Soaps and local artists paint all of the artwork from our gallery.  We’ve happily changed our way of thinking about what a full first-class service should feel like from start to finish. Here are just some of our many Unique Selling Points that can only be offered at BAGNODESIGN. 

Get Your free 3D Visual Design Today

Get Your free 3D Visual Design Today

The Design “brief”

In the initial meet or design “brief” we conduct a little investigate research, have a coffee and a wee chat to unveil which individual will be using the bathroom, what their age group is, their family background, and whether or not they are a shower or a bath person. That way the space is designed and tailored to all of their needs. Home designing, decorating and remodeling research tool, Houzz, has never let me down. We encourage our new clients to create their own “ideabooks” where they choose from a range of professional projects to tell us about their style, colour preferences and overall aesthetic and then develop their ideal design at no charge. Once they sign off we get to work!

One of our most recent finished projects

One of our most recent finished projects

Product Range

Our product range is comprised of a unique blend of contemporary, oriental and traditional elements. In our brochures you will find our brassware, which is available in a full range of colours and finishes that have handpicked accessories to match, as well as our “tile library” featuring some of the finest porcelain tiles available.

Our materials fit well in the UK market because they were designed here to tie into our architecture and heritage style. Our Bloomsbury range has reinvented and has turned 1920s-1930s panache on its head to bring luxury and opulence to the modern day.

When it comes to our products, innovation is another one of our key unique selling points. Our Metreux showerhead from our latest collection gives you some sensual settings to select from such as cascade, waterfall, fist and rain shower.

Our renowned Spa TV has been developed with an anti-misting heated screen so you won’t miss a moment of your favourite programs. Our BAGNOTECH Stone bath has been featured in international hotels around the world and is the best priced stone bath on the market, giving new clients the chance to obtain affordable luxury. Now, we even offer a bespoke whirlpool system that can be installed within any of our acrylic baths to help save you money and space.

From our Bloomsbury Collection

From our Bloomsbury Collection

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

Each week our team participates in a breakfast meeting to introduce innovative ideas and bring their own talents to the table that they then teach one another. Each team member holds an integral role at BAGNODESIGN. Lesley is our expert in customer service, Hazel has an irrefutable eye for designing, Rachel is a seasoned and creative business development manager and Hugo is a wizard with a design project. Our shared commitment to an attention to detail is what allows our customers to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Customers are our best assets

Where would we be without you? Many of our customers have either been previous clients from the pre-BAGNODESIGN days, social media followers and the ‘more than just window shoppers” who see our iconic window displays and come in for their free consultation. Our biggest reward comes when we exceed our customers’ expectations in the big reveal stage. We can tell that they really appreciate the hard work we do and we are fortunate to call many of our past clients friends.