Duncan Heeles


I’m the Director and Lead Interior Designer responsible for design and sales. I have a degree in Consumer Product Design and have worked as a designer for nearly ten years.

Outside of work I enjoy playing ice hockey.

David Elder


I’m the Director at BAGNODESIGN Glasgow in charge of finances and have had a very successful career in the construction industry.

Outside of work I am a lover of golf, wine and cheese and enjoy spending my holidays in the French countryside or in a small fishing village named Olhos D’Agua in Portugal.

Lesley Elder

Operations Manager

I’m the Operation’s Manager and my daily job duties include liaising with clients after the design process to ensure complete customer satisfaction, as well as collating stock and logistics.

I have over twenty years of experience in the largest UK electrical retailer, DSG International. Outside of work I love anything equestrian and I also have an official title named “Lady Elder of Cowal Glen.”

Hugo Ribero


I’m a Portuguese interior designer responsible for creating lifelike 3D Visual designs that are presented to clients.

I have a degree in CAD Technician and 3D Modeling and outside of work I like to design everything that has wheels, including a Ferrari 250 GT, the Bentley Continental and the classic Jaguar E-Type.