A Designer Bathroom for a Design Savvy Architect

Before I tell you about the project, I must go on to say something about the amazing Emma Ellson, a renowned Scottish architect, business owner and a great pal to go “oot on the toon” with. As a collaborative effort, I have been working closely with Emma and Prestonfield Construction (making us the Big Three) back since my kitchen designing days. Quite possibly my favourite part of this project was my ability to identify with Emma’s unique contemporary style thanks to the many projects we have worked on together. I strongly recommend checking out her Victoria Park Project here. Now let’s move on to the juicy bits…

In only four short weeks, Emma sent over her bathroom blueprints and signed off on our design without even meeting face-to-face. Interior design requires a lot of trust between the client and the designer, especially when your client is a design savvy architect, but lucky for us, we identify well with one another. What Emma really wanted was to construct a calming environment with plenty of room to relax and read in the bath, so that is why she chose the Vintage freestanding bath tub. We even have a funny anecdote to how big our Bagnotech stone bath really is. The BAGNODESIGN Glasgow showroom team and I all shared quite a few laughs when we realised that the bath was never going to make it through the door. Our only solution was to add a bit of scaffolding to the outside of the house and to swing in the Vintage through the bathroom window! This atypical resolution was what allowed us to complete the whole project from start to finish within an impressive 16 week time-frame.

To achieve such a soothing space, I chose the Vintage bath as the feature of the room that could be easily complimented by the simplest yet most elegant pieces BAGNODESIGN has to offer. Impressed by our two free-standing Bagnotech stone basins, the “Faith” model, from our showroom, Emma was ecstatic to incorporate it into her space. In order to add little extra focal dimensions to the bathroom, we decided to create a frame around the vanity area across from the entry to draw attention to the wash basins, the Kyoto shower, the vanity and of course the Vintage bath. I’m not quite sure if this is true, but I believe that the reason why we call it a “Vintage” model is because it incorporates all of the elements of a timeless trendsetter.

Take a look at the photos in this project. Did you notice that there was no wallpaper or paint involved throughout the whole space? In order to achieve a more glamorous look without any splash back, we decided to go with a fully tiled Spanish porcelain route that really made the area pop.  You may even recognise the Kyoto shower on the left from interior design magazines such as Homes and Interiors Scotlanddesigner kitchen & bathroomKBB Review and worldwide publications. Although not pictured, I decided to install one of our wall-mounted toilets in order to give the illusion of more space where you can visually see through it. Wall-mounted urinal solutions are a chic trend that allows designers to build a wall out that adds a dramatic framework into the room. Fun Fact: they even make the bathroom easier to clean.

Well, I hope you all loved this project as much as Emma did. Be sure to read her review of this project on our Houzz here.