Showroom of the month


“We tried to imagine how Apple would design a showroom if they sold bathrooms,” says Bagno Design’s UK sales director Mark Walker about the company’s approach to its new showroom in Scotland. “We’ve gone for a classic, contemporary blend – our vision of what a 21st century bathroom showroom should look like.”

Bagno’s design team consciously drew inspiration from its global studio network and its international product portfolio to help them bring what the company describes as “a completely new style to Glasgow’s West End”.

“We wanted to provoke thought by presenting different styles of bathrooms in an innovative way and showing what we can do as an organisation, both creatively and professionally,” he explains. “

The settings show clients how their bathrooms could look, with a focus on lifestyle and realism rather than endlessly repeating different sanitary- ware suites in bay after bay.”
Products are displayed through a series of lifestyle settings designed to address what Bagno recognises as “the modern consumer’s approach to buying bathrooms” and make the process as simple to follow as possible.

As the showroom is also a valuable resource for local architects, specifiers and designers, the team created a dedicated architectural product selection area, highlighting the variety of different materials and products available for use in both residential and commercial projects.

“The demand for bathrooms will never go away, so we’ve designed the showroom for everyone,” Walker adds. “We wanted to do things that addressed how different types of clients choose bathroom products and pick the tiles or other textures that complete the room."

Many of the displays are lifestyle settings aimed at the designer retail market. We are also able to create affordable bathrooms as well as taking on commissions for all kinds of projects – from boutique hotels to apartment complexes, restaurant washrooms, etc.”


The window displays feature two different styles, emphasising the breadth of Bagno’s product portfolio and the company’s design capabilities.

In the left-hand window, the display channels a highly contemporary finish with Bagnotec composite stone fixtures and the Mirror Television, highlighting the trend for home automation that is growing ever popular. In contrast, the right-hand window showcases its vintage-style Bloomsbury collection.

Further settings showcase elegant traditional bathrooms, using wood panelling, wallpaper and tiles, highly contemporary bathrooms, as well as settings created using Bagno’s cheapest products to highlight what can be achieved on a budget.