Dream Bathroom Design Tips

Are you thinking of renovating and refurbishing your bathroom? If you are, then there a few things to consider first, and if you plan it carefully and think ahead to what it is you want, then it should come together a lot smoother. You’re going to have to live with your bathroom have it’s been renovated, so making sure you get it absolutely right is crucial.

Luxury Bathrooms in Different Wall Layouts

You’re limited to either a one, two or three wall layouts in a bathroom, with one wall the shower, toilet and sink are all lined up together, with a two-wall design the sink and toilet go on one wall, and a bathtub and shower go on the other. The three wall layout is slightly more complicated but more versatile, however, it is more expensive. You’d need a reliable and certified bathroom designer to come up with this type of design.

Think about what type of sink you want in terms of practicality and design. You can choose from under mount sinks tho self-rimming or perimeter lip sink design.

Bathroom Lighting For the Perfect Ambience

The lighting is critical in the bathroom, it can give a sense of being bigger than it really is, wall-mount lights can help with this, with lights above and around the mirror area. Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures are a great idea and accent lights can highlight a subtle feature in the bathroom beautifully.

A Bathtub to Relax In

Your bath is naturally going to be the focal point of your bathroom and it can create even more of an impact if you choose the right one. Choose from either freestanding with those gorgeous claws, ball feet or a pedestal based one. If you have a platform bathtub which is a popular type of bath in most homes, you can always cover it in material such as marble, limestone or tile, or even wood panels.

The Perfect Shower

Make your showers more interesting with a variety of different spray heads such as a rain showerhead that’s ceiling mounted or a crisscross pattern, and you can also have a hand held shower heads to help with washing off the soap, washing your hair or even just to rinse off the shower area.

Cabinets & Cupboards

Cabinets can be wall mounted or you can have them as a separate unit underneath your sink or as a free standing furniture piece, this will largely depend on how big your bathroom is and what you can fit in without it looking cluttered.

Bagno Design Glasgow – Luxury Bathroom Experts

If you’re looking to refurbish your bathroom, then Bagno is the right choice for all your bathroom furnishings. We are a team of qualified, trained and certified bathroom designers and we can help you choose what’s right for you and install it for you. Come in or get in touch so we can start planning your new bathroom.