Choosing the Right Materials For Your Luxury Bathroom

If you’re about to have a refurb of your bathroom and you’ve decided on a luxury one, then you’re thinking long and hard about how you’re going to set about doing this. You’ll be flicking through magazines perhaps, searching for ideas and inspiration. To turn your bathroom into a luxury bathroom is about the design of course, but it’s also about choosing the right materials.

Choose a luxury bathroom that speaks volumes for your personal taste

Bathrooms aren’t just functional areas to wash, they’re also places where you can relax and unwind after a busy day. Modern technology can be used to turn your bathroom into a place where you can listen to music or watch TV. With the right accessories, you can create the illusion of space, and with clever use of materials you can create an atmosphere of luxury and sumptuous opulence.

Think carefully about what it is you want

So, materials are crucial in the creation of a luxury bathroom, and choosing the right ones can be a trial and is probably the most difficult aspect of the entire job. Choose carefully and think it through, a luxury bathroom can be anything from modern and contemporary to classic with a 19th century feel, or even a combination of the two.

Flooring can be anything from ceramic tiles, laminated or stone, and you’ll find that the last two are better for a room that will have the most moisture, laminated floors don’t always fair well with humidity. Your choice of grout will be an important one, it must be able to repel water and stay intact for a while, so don’t buy cheap.

Cabinets that are solid or partial wood is the best material, not only does it give the feel of luxury it’s also the most resilient where there’s humidity. If storage is at a premium then create enough storage space in your bathroom to store essentials like towels, shower and bath gels and other bathroom necessities. If you want to create the illusion of space you may want to go with white and other neutral colours, if your bathroom is bigger, then you can use darker, bolder colours.

Fixtures. Your fixtures are down to your own personal taste. You may go for modern or classic, a free standing or inset bath. The materials you choose should always be durable and long lasting. Stainless steel, PVC or other plastics are great as they offer great strength and functionality.

Choose paint or wallpaper that’s resistant to mould and humidity. Tiles or panelling is another option, they can be wiped clean, but make sure you choose well as cheaper options may buckle over time.

Plan carefully before you start

Always make sure you plan everything in advance, that includes your budget, materials and colour schemes. You want the job to go as smoothly as possible with any hitches along the way. If you have all the materials you need and you’ve budgeted for everything, then you shouldn’t have any problems once the big day arrives when it all starts coming together.

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