Bathroom Design: What Type of Flooring is Best?

If you’re having your bathroom refurbished, then it’s likely you’re having new flooring installed too. When designing a high-end luxury bathroom you’ll want a floor that compliments it. But what type of flooring is best for your bathroom?

We’re going to be looking at some of the options you should consider, that way you can come to an informed decision. Naturally, you’ll want any flooring you choose to fall in line with your own personal taste and the colour scheme of your bathroom. At one time, a carpet would have been a really good choice for your bathroom, now, however, flooring is more practical, as well as being easy to clean and offering you far more choice in design, texture and pattern.


Easy to keep clean and is suitable to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating. Vinyl is the same, it’s practical, easy to clean and you can use it alongside underfloor heating, and there are plenty of choices regarding pattern, texture and colour. Yes, both vinyl and lino can be cold to the touch, especially first thing in the morning, but if you put a mat or a rug down, or invest in underfloor heating, then this shouldn’t be a problem.


There are many different styles, pattern and colour combinations you can choose from. Tiles are great if you’re aiming for a luxury bathroom design, as there are some beautiful designs out there. They can be a bit complicated when trying to lay them and if your DIY skills aren’t too great, then you may find that hiring a professional to do it is the only answer, unless you know someone. If you have slate tiles you’ll need to have them sealed on an annual basis so they stay waterproof, but you’ll find that this part of the job is easy to do and quick to finish.

Hardwood Flooring

This is really popular at the moment and is often used throughout the whole house. You can choose from laminate or solid wood, but keep in mind you’ll need it to be waterproof or it could warp and crack. It’s quite durable, however, so it is an ideal choice especially if you have a busy home.


Increasingly popular and as it's resistant to dust mites, so it’s a perfect choice for those suffering from allergies. You’ll need to use surface sealing if you use it in the bathroom, but it’s cheaper than hardwood and it works perfectly well with underfloor heating. A nice soft floor is a real bonus when you get up first thing and you’ll get exactly that with bamboo, for a luxury bathroom feel.

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If you need any further advice on getting that luxury bathroom designed and installed and you’re still unsure about which flooring to choose then please get in touch. Our team of experts are always happy to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.