Ensuite Bathroom Design Tips

We’re going to be looking at ensuite bathroom design tips and how you can make them work for you. Read on and find out how you can make your ensuite bathroom a stand out feature.


To maximise the use of the space you can install tall units on the walls, or drawers at the end of your bath. A mirror cabinet rather than just a mirror on the wall also makes a good use of space and is handy for all the bits and pieces that are often strewn across the bathroom.


You can use colour cleverly to bring out the best in your ensuite bathroom. Try to maximise space by using neutral colours if you want to make it seem bigger, and darker colours only if you want to make a statement and size is not an issue.


Lighting is very important, the way in which you use lighting can have an impact on how big or small your bathroom looks and feels. Lighting also affects the ambience of a room, so if you want a particular mood, then lights are the way to go. If you’re short on natural light, then provide extra with soft lighting. Multiple lights strategically placed around the walls and ceiling will create a better ambience rather than one light, which could result in a stark, sterile feel.

Modify Your Heating System

Your heating can also be modified to suit a small ensuite bathroom by installing towel rails instead of using a radiator. Why not consider underfloor heating too, this is another way of getting rid of radiators altogether. Going to the bathroom in the morning will be a far more pleasant experience when you’re walking on a heated floor, and again you create extra space that would otherwise be taken up with a radiator.

Bagno Design – Luxury Ensuite Bathroom Specialists

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