Common Mistakes When Planning a Bathroom Design

You’re planning a new bathroom and you’re simply brimming with ideas. You’re very enthusiastic about the whole thing and you start choosing everything you think will make your bathroom look simply amazing. However, you may be making a lot of common mistakes which many people do when planning their bathroom design. So, before you go ahead and start making plans, let’s go over some of the common mistakes that you can avoid.

Incorrect Lighting

Lighting can be crucial in helping create the right ambience, and if you have a bathroom on the small side, lighting can make all the different. By spending a little more time on the lights, you’ll avoid making mistakes that make your bathroom seem even smaller, or dark and dingy rather than atmospheric and elegant.

Neglecting Storage

Again, often small bathrooms suffer from lack of storage and you can help make your bathroom seem roomier and less cluttered by investing in storage space. Small cupboards underneath a sink or on the wall can make a lot of difference. Shelves placed strategically where you can reach, but out of the way of tiny hands can remove clutter from the floor and surrounding bathroom furniture and provide more floor space.

Cheap Flooring

If you’ve invested in good quality bathroom furniture and you’ve gone for a certain look in keeping with your personal taste, then you don’t want to leave room for disappointment by discovering that you’ve chosen flooring which lets the side down. Cheap flooring alongside a classy bathroom suite could really spoil the look you were attempting to create. That’s not to say you should choose something at an exorbitant price, but don’t choose something that will have a negative impact on the overall look. Go for good quality flooring that matches both the colour scheme and compliments the style.

Slave to Fashion

It’s easy to get carried away when we look at all the latest trends on bathroom design. There’s so much going on, and each year there’s a new thing, a specific trend that dictates colour scheme and furnishings. But remember, you’re not going to be changing your bathroom from season to season, or from year to year. This is probably an investment that will last for the next 5 to 10 years. You want your bathroom to look pretty special but it doesn’t have to be full bang on trend. You’ll be the one that has to live with it for the next few years and once it goes out of fashion, you’ll have to live with a bathroom that’s no longer fashionable.

Don’t Go Over the Top With Trends

Choose a combination of personal taste, and a style that matches the house overall. If you live in a period house and the rest of your home reflects that, then you may want to choose a classic style for your bathroom. If your home is modern and minimalistic and you live in a younger building, then your bathroom can be a more contemporary affair. Whatever you decide, choose something that will still look fresh 10 years from now. You can still throw in some more modern accessories that are bang on trend that can be quickly removed once they’re no longer in vogue.

BAGNODESIGN – Bathroom Design Experts

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