Designing a Bathroom Showroom

It may sound obvious, but first and foremost when designing or resigning your showroom it’s imperative to think of your clients, how they shop and what would help them make the experience of working with you as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Customers want to feel inspired – they want to see the different styles of bathroom products "in the flesh" so it’s important to vary your displays so that you highlight the various options available.

While it can be tempting to focus on what’s on trend, it may not be to everybody’s taste or be in keeping with the rest of the customer’s property. The showroom environment offers a brilliant opportunity to showcase the breadth of products available and encourage creativity in bathroom design.

The most effective way of doing this is to make each display different from the next and choosing to display products that break away from the norm in order to get customers thinking about their own bathrooms and just what may be possible. In addition to this by using life size settings also helps our clients visualise what may be achievable in their own home.

Finally, just as there is no ‘one size fits all’ bathroom solution, similarly no two customers will choose a new bathroom in the same way. Some will focus on the sanitary ware first, while others will prefer to pick their tiles and colour schemes and design the space to suit. By taking this into consideration when designing your displays you can ensure that the showroom appeals to the mind set of the 21st Century consumer.

At BAGNODESIGN Glasgow we have taken a unique approach as to how we retail our bathrooms. We do not focus on specific products until we near the end of the design process, it is important tor our designers to get a sense of our clients style and if any products that are a must have at an early stage, This is done by taking a detailed brief where we look get a background into the room and what our client is looking to achieve with the end result along with their sense of style.

We then look at the room more as an overall concept then the products start to choose themselves as they tie in with the overall concept of the room. This makes the whole decision making process for our clients a much more enjoyable experience as we have built their trust from the brief to proposal stage they are more often than not happy to go with our designers recommendation on product selection.