Top 5 Bathroom Trends for 2014

BAGNODESIGN Glasgow’s Urban Bath

For many people, the master bathroom can be the most relaxing room in your house, so it is important to treat it with tender, love and care. This means that a revamp will be in order every 2-3 years to maintain the tranquil environment you have all been yearning for.  However, once you start browsing popular bathroom trends, you may find yourself lost in the twittersphere with too many design options.That is where I come in.

So, keep calm and let’s get that bathroom glamourous! Here are the Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2014 that will kickstart your new bathroom look:

1. Taking the Bath out of the Bathroom:

Who says the bathtub has to be in your master bathroom? You would be surprised how many clients are starting to place their tub in the most serene areas of their home or overlooking the backyard. This trend is especially popular in high-end hotels, rustic lodges and feng-shui friendly homes.

Our Bagnotech stone Rhapsody bath achieves serenity outside the bathroom

2. Frameless Showers for more Freedom:

This trend definitely breaks down some boundaries and brings out a client’s confident side. Design savvy Scotland and all across Europe, clients have been opting for a bathroom without a threshold, door or curtains. Often times, any shower door has been transparent glass for an extra feeling of freedom. If you have a small bathroom this look, with the addition of some mirrors and natural light, actually makes the space feel larger and more spacious.

3. Getting Wild with Tile:

Right before you begin with reconstructing your bathroom, you must always hold a picture in your mind for the kind of colour scheme you would like in your bathroom and the type of accessories and bath fittings that would match appropriately. The colour tone of your bathroom tiles should be timeless, as they may be your biggest expense. Reflecting surfaces help work the light into your bathroom the best and mosaic tile is sure to impress. If you want to get really wild it’s great to create a little heat. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of a heated tile floor to kick your senses into overdrive.

Our mosaic tile is a timeless eye-catcher

4. Eclectic and Unexpected Looks:

Get creative. Try designing a more modern design for a great showering experience. Some bathrooms can get really rustic and natural, where others exude a more luxurious look with a dazzling chandelier. Spa style bathrooms also provide a very elegant look that gives you that hotel feel.

5. Watering Your Plants from Inside the Tub:

Plants and flowers have proven to be the best and most affordable accessories for a quick bathroom revamp. My clients have been adding more green into their bathrooms to achieve an extra bit of natural relaxation.

All the point points are guaranteed to equip you with a relieving and soothing bathing experience. Who’s ready transform all of your bathroom dreams into a reality!

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