The perfect travel guide to Dubai

It’s been one month since the kickoff of BAGNODESIGN’s first International Dealer Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Let’s take a look at what BAGNODESIGN Glasgow’s travel itinerary looked like for one of my most memorable moments abroad.

Flight Attendant speaking:

Good Afternoon passengers, if everyone could please take your seats and buckle up because this plane is about to takeoff to Dubai. On board we are pleased to have with us BAGNODESIGN Glasgow who are about to embark on their very first International Dealer Summit, a most anticipated event for the luxury bathroom empire/brand. Located in the seat in front of you will be a guided travel itinerary that will lure you through the futuristic skyline of the metropolis as well as all of the “must-see” luxury spots. From the high tea at the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to the Middle East’s first indoor ski park and finally to the Summit, our travel guests are in for a trip of a lifetime.

Just enjoying the legroom.

Day One – Getting There:


 Day one is normally a wash spent as a laborious travel day, but not for BAGNODESIGN Glasgow. Travelers receive a glass of Laurent Pierre and just a bit extra legroom to ease the seven hour journey. Flight entertainment is provided in the personal screen in front of you and headphones are here to ensure a smooth flight.   Might we suggest playing the Verve’s Urban Hymns album? Lay back and we will wake you in the morning.

Day Two – Golf, Skiing, Souks and More Adventure Tour:

 From the moment you step outside prepare to feel a bit of heat for 3:00 a.m. (especially to our Scottish tourists) but fret not, a trip to Dubai is one that will resonate with you for life. Look to your right when you exit the airport and you will find your personal driver ready to bring you Centro Barsha. Check into the hotel and rest easy. You have golf in the morning.

Left to Right: Emirates Golf Club, Ski Dubai and ancient Abra boats

Left to Right: Emirates Golf Club, Ski Dubai and ancient Abra boats

The Summit does not start for a couple of days, it is important to explore the territory. Why not start with the green at the Emirates Golf Club? This golf club features 36 holes on desert terrain and hosts the European Tour authorised by Omega Dubai Desert Classic and Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. This may be a challenge.

After a roasting few rounds of golf, be sure to take a long walk around the Emirates Mall. Home to over 560 International brands, a 500-seat capacity community theatre and arts centre (DUCTAC) and the Middle East’s first indoor snow park, Ski Dubai, this is not your typical shopping mall. Be sure to pop in for a nice lunch before it is back to the hotel for a little poolside action at the rooftop bar.

After you’re done bronzing, Daryl Barker, Group Managing Director at SANIPEX has a bit of an itinerary of his own for the Glasgow branch to follow for tonight. It looks something like this:

  1. Begin your evening in Old Dubai where you will board an ancient Abra boat to the spice and textile souls to bask in some of the country’s culture. All you have to do is take a taxi to the Dubai Museum towards the mosque and veer to the right down towards the textile souk, then another right at the Dubai Creek and ships ahoy! Abras usually make it as far as the Sheraton, but yours will let you travel further down the banks of the Creek.

  2. Once you build up an appetite, try a traditional earthy curry at Coconut Grove on the 10th floor of the Chelsea Plaza Hotel in Datwa. After Note: He may have forgotten to mention that this restaurant was closed for two years, but we managed!

  3. Go walk around to see the Burj Al Arab Sailboat Hotel from ground-level and look out for the water show.

Day Three/Four – Scotland versus England, Burj Khalifa, Team Dinner:

Start the morning right with a little Scotland versus England on the golf range. Beware England, golf originated in St. Andrews. After a bit of golf and a few rays you have a reservation for afternoon tea for two at Atmosphere, the restaurant exclusively found at the top of Burj Khalifa.

The 136 floor lift way up to the restaurant has known to give some passengers a bit of vertigo and make your ears pop, but embrace yourself for the five-star treatment. Guests will enjoy a grandiose assortment of finger sandwiches, specialty cocktails and the biggest cigars you’ve ever seen.

On top of the Burj Khalifa

For dinner, it’s finally time to meet the rest of the BAGNODESIGN crew back at the Emirates Golf Club to mingle before tomorrow’s summit.

Day Five-Day Seven at the Summit:

And so the summit begins with a little get to know you “speed dating” where members will provide a guided tour for dealers interested in the new product ranges. Over the next few days esteemed members of the international bathroom brand will share their experiences working at BAGNODESIGN. From New Zealand, Dubai and even Glasgow, prepare to learn from BAGNODESIGN’s finest directors and managers about business practices, design style and even social media. After the special guest speakers, be in awe of Metreaux, the newest edition to the luxury brand.

 For even more inside information about the BAGNODESIGN International Dealers Summit, be sure to check out the blog article written by BAGNODESIGN here.


Flight Attendant speaking:

What an electrifying journey for everyone at BAGNODESIGN. We hope that you will be flying with us again for next year’s summit. Be sure to like BAGNODESIGN Glasgow on Facebookand follow them on Twitter for design inspiration and the latest news and trends in luxury bathroom design.