Our First Video Ever at BAGNODESIGN Glasgow!

Hi, Welcome to my first ever Youtube Video. In this video I will briefly explain how to create a timeless, luxurious bathroom and how to make the most of your accessories in my first edition of BAGNODESIGN Tips. A bathroom revamp may incur high costs, so it is important to future-proof with a high-quality design scheme that could look fabulous now until 2064. Clean lines and neutral colours are integral to an ageless style.  Simplicity is something I have found to bring me much success in my design projects. “Minimal fuss is a good classic, timeless piece.” But what people really want to know is “how do I make my boring bathroom look luxurious?” I answer this in three parts: choosing the right colour scheme, lighting and texture. Watch and see how these elements can be adapted in your bathroom.

When’s enough, enough? Surely, you have witnessed or have been guilty of “over-dressing” your bathroom with too many photographs, plants or clutter chaos. At the end of the video, I discuss the dos and don’ts on bathroom accessories. “To me, accessories should be less because they stand out as a dominant feature and if you put too many of them they then start to become cluttered.” Of course we should accessorise the bathroom, the key is to know how to do it well. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the design pros!

Do you have a design dilemma in the bathroom that you would like us to solve? Well, I am here to help. Send it over to us on Youtube!HouzzTwitter or Facebook and you may just be featured in our next BAGNODESIGN Tips video!

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