2015 kbbreview Awards Finalist – Residential Bathroom Design of the Year


My suit is pressed. My plane ticket is tucked securely in my bedside table. I can feel my hands start to shake. Do you hear that? Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock is ticking…

The sound of the clock used to irritate me. It kept me up all night. But somehow now, I feel as if I am in tune with every tick. It soothes me. It even seems to magnetize my every move, reminding me to be patient and that great things are coming. John Dewey once said “Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire.” Well no matter what the future may hold, I will always remember that moment when the results came in…

One of our projects is officially one of the four nominees shortlisted for the 2015 KBB Review Award for the Residential Bathroom Design of the Year. With our firm being only 11 months old at the time of nomination, we have a lot to be proud of in our first year. For those of you who don’t know, the kbbreview Awards is like the Oscars for Kitchen and Bathroom designers across the UK. I’m not sure about all designers, but I live and breathe for this. I read each magazine edition, as if it was some sort of interior design scripture. I “keep our eyes on the prize” so to speak and follow every twitter update as if each tweet was a piece of a puzzle leading us to some sensational bigger picture. Most importantly, I work countless hours in the showroom in hopes of coming back from London with not only an esteemed title, but also an enriching experience that celebrates the eloquent artistry of the UK. In less than two weeks, I will be sitting next to some of Britain’s most impressive designers within the luxury Kitchen and Bathroom design industry and I can’t help but smile. Wow, less than two weeks. Tick tock.


The Project:

Soon my project will be displayed for everyone in the ceremony to see. Here I will outline the vision I had for this bespoke bathroom pictured above. With the use of contemporary elements and some audacious dark tones, I handcrafted the dream bathroom, built solely to soak and relax in sheer luxury.

Our client couldn’t keep her eyes off of our Rhapsody, one of our favourite freestanding BAGNODESIGN baths that is featured in our showroom window. This made it easier for me to then design the room around it, where the bath could serve as a showpiece to the space.

In addition to the choice of bath, constructing the right lighting was vital to the project and had to be tailored to create a euphoric atmosphere. I am never scared of adding some extra accent lighting. Take a look at the lighting installed underneath the vanity unit and you will understand what I mean.

One of the biggest highlights of this project was having the privilege of working side by side with Chelsea Mclaine Interiors, an established design firm that professionally designed the rest of the client’s home. I made sure that our design and use of materials such as wallpaper and tilling complimented her expertise and tied in with the rest of the home. A long time has seemed to have swept away since I submitted this very entry and I am counting down the days until London. Tick Tock.

The kbbreview Awards

The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards is a prestigious annual event celebrating its 21st year in 2015. It rewards retailers, designers and manufacturers in the kitchen and bathroom industry and is organised by kbbreview, the sector’s leading business magazine for nearly 30 years.

All the finalists are invited, along with a partner, to the black-tie awards ceremony on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

For more information about the Awards visit here.