Designing a family yet fabulous modern bathroom

Ask any parents and the will tell you, once the wee ones come into the picture, you must make adjustments to your morning routine – your whole life for that matter.

A functional bathroom can really make or break your mood for the whole day and we know that first hand from our most recent finished project in Bearsden.

A lovely working couple in the accounting industry came into the showroom in hopes of designing a bathroom fit for them and their two young children. Where Mum needed a relaxing bath for her and the young ones, Dad required a shower to get himself quick and ready before he would shoot off to work. We were given one space to suit all of their needs and here is how we did it.

We created a calm and elegant family bathroom that exhibited the sophistication of a 5-star contemporary New York City hotel like the Baccarat Hotel on 53rd Street.

Our clients fell in love with our glamour mosaic collection which helped add a desirable dimension to the space. Naturally, function and style are easiest achieved in a big bathroom, but the success of the design stemmed from an effective brief with our client.

To give Mum a relaxing sanctuary, we selected our vintage freestanding bath as the feature of the room upon entry. The high back on this bath makes reading and sipping on sparkling wine stress-free and can even double as the children’s cleaning hub for their evening baths.

But don’t think we forgot about Dad. Thanks to the size of the space, we were able to install a beautiful walk-in shower fit perfect for a fifteen-minute scrub. Much like the bath, the shower doubled as a quick showering space for the children as well. With the amount of kiddie mistakes and accidents, it’s great to have a walk-in shower that can wash the kids without you having to get wet.

With many washroom users, storage is a vital element that must be both available and eloquently hidden to preserve that modern hotel-feel of the room. To a house-proud homeowner, there’s nothing worse than a floor full of bath toys or a countertop full of a plethora of products. We incorporated an open-niche style storage system to help prevent any unnecessary clutter.

During the brief, the client relayed that they were not impressed by their exposed pipes and plumbing and asked if we could do something to conceal them. To maintain this minimal look, we crafted multiple alcoves to help provide additional storage and to hide the plumbing and the cistern for the WC.

Once the project was finally revealed, our clients were so happy and delighted with the job that they were eager to have a professional photographer come in to shoot the space. Nothing fulfills us more than that first-look smile.


Featured materials used in this project all from BAGNODESIGN include:

  • Vintage Bath
  • Glamour Mosaics
  • Urban matte-white BAGNOTECH stone countertop serenity basin
  • M-Line matte-white WC

This master bath did not skimp on style. You can view some of these products and more in our most recent brochure.