Modern bathrooms consist of a wide variety materials, but utilised in a specific way. Wood, stone, glass and ceramics are all potential options, how you choose to use and display them will define how modern your overall design is. Combining materials effectively is popular in modern bathroom design, for example, pairing natural wood with stainless steel as a counter, or creating a tile design that consists of ceramic tiles and glass.


Colour choices in a modern bathroom design are varied but a particular emphasis is put on soothing, simple tones. You may look to create a bathroom design that features contrasting base colours for a bold look, like whites with blacks or greys. Simple colour designs can often lack visual interest, resulting in modern bathroom designs utilising distinctive patterns within stencilled wall paintings or wallpaper.


The furniture and accompanying accessories utilised in a modern bathroom design fall into a distinctive aesthetic style. Chairs or benches made of high quality wood will be carved into the trademark angular shapes or flowing curves so often found in modern furniture design. Lighting in the modern bathroom may feature square, rectangular or rounded lampshades that add a striking touch to the space.


  • Simplicity and minimalism play a huge part in modern bathroom design.
  • Mid-century modern furniture - clean lines, natural colours and geometric shapes.
  • Free-standing bathtubs, oval or rectangular shapes.
  • A touch of greenery to bring the outdoors into your bathroom.
  • Lighting is important - fixtures with lines and geometric shapes.