The Design 'Brief'

In the initial meet or design “brief” we conduct a little investigate research, have a coffee and a wee chat to unveil which individual will be using the bathroom, what their age group is, their family background, and whether or not they are a shower or a bath person.

That way the space is designed and tailored to all of their needs. Home designing, decorating and remodelling research tool, Houzz, has never let me down.

We encourage our new clients to create their own “ideabooks” where they choose from a range of professional projects to tell us about their style, colour preferences and overall aesthetic and then develop their ideal design at no charge. Once they sign off we get to work.

Design Brief Example: The KBB Review Nominated Scott Project

The client is a managing director of a large house building company through out the UK. He was looking for products and interior design that would compliment his detached sandstone property.

He wanted a contemporary feel with nice dark tones to enjoy a nice and relaxing soak in the bath. Lighting was very important and had to be designed to create a euphoric atmosphere for a calming ambience. This is the main bathroom in the house, so it had to be a show piece for any friends, family or visitors to use.

Fun fact within this project:

The whole house was professionally designed by Chelsea Mclaine Interiors, an established design firm that we had to work side by side with, just to make sure our design and use of materials complimented what she had already specified elsewhere in the house.