Whatever the size of the space you have available to install your en-suite bathroom, it is important to ensure you utilise it as carefully as possible to get the most out of it. The access to the en-suite bathroom is an important consideration - do you want an open-plan design using a wall or screen rather than a doorway?

The en-suite should be a perfect retreat that you can relax an unwind in, think about how you would like to position the bathroom fittings and storage, what size and shape they should be and what the overall aesthetic feel you're looking for is.


Light and sound are important considerations when planning your dream en-suite space. Bathroom lighting may come from natural light through a a window or skylight or the use of LED and other types of subtle lighting effects to highlight specific features or create a relaxing mood. 

Just as important as the lighting in your en-suite bathroom is sound, although it is often overlooked. Noise from ventilation fans can become grating if you don't make the right choice and a quiet flush toilet is often an important addition.

Many people like to install digital speakers in their en-suite so they can enjoy their favourite music, transforming the ambience of the room, whether you're getting motivated for the day ahead, preparing for a night out or relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day.